Prescription Nails are custom fitted, overlay nails which can be perfectly matched to your natural nails shape.

Every person nails are unique, just like a fingerprint. Prescription nails replicate the curves and arcs of the natural nails, through the systematic sizing process which uses 128 different size options and 8 different curve/arc combinations, which are combined to offer 1024 sizing options for each persons natural nails, providing a perfect fit.


After sizing and application is completed, nails look beautiful and natural and provide strong, long lasting, natural looking nail enhancements.

  • No fill-ins needed

  • No painful removal

  • No damaging sanding & buffing

  • No damaging electric drills used

  • Each set lasts for up to 2 weeks (or more)

  • Thin, durable, natural look and feel

  • Great for natural biters and those concerned about protecting the natural nail bed

  • Clear, full-cover nails, custom-designed for applying on top of the natural bed

  • Perfect for clients who want long, beautiful nails without the damage associated with traditional acrylic, gel, or wrap enhancement methods

​100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or we re-do your nails for FREE!