Facial Massage helps maintain your skin's healthy, youthful appearance.....just like exercising helps maintain your body's fitness level. Our skin’s condition is similar to nature; it changes based on the weather temperatures, humidity level, climate we live in, or visit often, and the amount of sun exposure.  Regular facials help you keep up with these changes providing extra protection, hydration, exfoliation or whatever your skin might need.

We have different pure, natural, organic skin care facial products for different types of skin for different results.

It promises to reduce sinus pressure, puffiness and fluid retention, while promoting lymphatic drainage and allowing your skincare to penetrate deeper.


After all, who else knows your skin better than you?

Facial massage is the secret every skin pro relies on - and here's why?​ "Over 40 muscles make up the scaffolding of the face. And just like the muscles in the body, the more you move them, the more lifted, tighten and tone they become. "Any time you can fit facial exercises into your day is great. I tend to do it morning or evening as part of my skincare routine, that way I get the added benefits of really working products into my skin, too." 

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If you're looking for a tool to help make your facial massage speedy and easy (but still effective) let us introduce you to Cycloid Massage Therapy.  

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