As we go about our daily life we come into contact with a variety of situations, which react in our body and leave residues of poisons ‑bacteria, parasites, fungi, environmental pollutants etc. These clog the membranes of our body cells and lead to cancer and genetic disorders.


​By increasing the electrical field, the unit aids in the restoration of proper cell function, giving the cell energy to select nutrients and discharge waste, including heavy metal toxicity.


This increases the body's ability process the toxins, and the liver and kidney start to reduce the load on the remaining systems. When even a little bit of energy is gained from a treatment session your body can begin to repair itself. As the body distresses it becomes capable of receiving more energy.

foot bath.jpg

The water module is used in a foot bath. Some of the toxins may be visible. The water changes colour and you may even find tiny dead parasites in the discharge. However, it should be remembered that the process doesn't stop there.


The body has extra energy and with the cell wall cleansed it is able to continue the cleansing process over the next 48 hours efficiently. Your urine and faeces may darken as a result of this, so drink lots of water to aid in this cleansing process. Treatment time is approximately 35 minutes every 2/3 days for a month and can be resumed after 3 weeks.

What to expect from a session;

Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater sense of well being from each Bio‑Cleanse Technologies session. Clients with cases of heavy metal toxicity have shown dramatically reduced levels following a series of treatments. Can be effective in treating skin conditions such as fungal infections, acne and psoriasis.

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